“…this painting will be very very special for us
The problem we will have is that we want to live with it now all the time rather than sending it down to Queenstown where will we see it less often !
Many thanks for doing this for us…”

A testimonial plugin from client. He’s happy with progress so far…😅

Lots of work. Lots of progress…😅

am work in progress nz 3

Back to work on this beast of a project. A commissioned piece for a multicultural, multinational client. Their life story on oils. Big responsibility, big rewards. Will be part of their private art collection once it’s finished and shipped to New Zealand.

Finally started painting this piece. One of my biggest, most complex commissions ever. It’ll take a couple of months to finish this beast…

new work in progress sketch
new work in progress sketch

As yet untitled

Oil on canvas
160×140 cm

Just been given the green light to start painting this commissioned piece from the clients. One of the biggest and more complex artworks I’ve worked on so far, which is nice… This will take a couple of months folks.

Enjoy 😋